Tuesday, June 2, 2015

About Brittany: Collab with Brittany Fenton

I am so glad to finally work with this lovely girl! Brittany and i have had a few things in the works and i am so happy that they are finally falling into place. Since she is so wonderful I thought you guys should get to know her so we did a small interview with some fun questions. And i know you guys are going to love her so here is the link to her blog http://brittanyfenton.blogspot.com/ so you can check her blog out because it is so, so well put together. So let's hop right in to the interview shall we. :)

1. Name: Brittany

2. Blog Name: Brittany Fenton

3. Age: Sixteen

4. Favorite TV Show: I don’t really watch TV but if I do Teen Wolf is always what I go to!

5. Favorite Song: This changes quite often but it’s currently ‘Our Own House’ by Mister Wives

6. Favorite Book: Definitely Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell

7. Favorite thing to do when bored: Read/write blogs, watch/make youtube videos and read

8. Favorite type of blogpost to write: Hmmm tough one, I love OOTD’s as taking and editing the photo’s is so much fun!

9. Favorite thing to do: Blog/Youtube

10. Describe your Style in 3 words: Elegant, Bohemian and fun

11. Inspiration behind your blog name: Well I wanted something that reflected me, and well of course nothing reflects me better than my name

12. Flats, Sandals, boots or sneakers: In summer I’m all about sandals but in winter there’s nothing better than a good pair of boots!

13. Top two makeup products: Benefit POREfessional and the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation for sure, but that’s subject to change haha

14. If you had to pick between makeup or clothes: Clothes definitely! You can get away with no makeup but there’s nothing better than a good outfit

15. Inspiration behind starting a blog: I’ve always loved reading other people’s blog post, but I was never that into makeup or fashion. Then my mum brought me my first makeup - a BB Cream, Mascara and Eyeliner and I’ve never been the same since. I grew such a passion for makeup and fashion I eventually decided to start a blog :)

Thank you guys for checking out this interview and go check out Brittany's blog! :) Here is the link again http://brittanyfenton.blogspot.com/

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