Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's in my beach bag

Hey guys! This is actually a blogger collab with these bloggers right here
 So make sure you check out their blogs as well :) I recently went on a trip to the beach so I thought I would share with you guys what I like to bring to the beach in my little beach tote. So let's get started!

Okay so first of all I always love to bring watercolors, notebooks paintbrushes and anything I can do art with because anywhere I am I make sure I have my art stuff cause you never know when you will have an idea. :) 

I always have trouble with sunscreen because it always brakes me out but this coppertone  sensitive skin is the only sunscreen that doesn't brake me out so if you have the same problem you should definitely try this one out. Next I always have a chap stick gotta keep those lips hydrated. Then I have some makeup wipes and a little compact mirror.

The last things I have in my bag are some sandals, a sun hat, a towel and  a nice bottle of water cause again you gotta stay hydrated. And that's all you guys! :) I hope you enjoyed going through my beach bag. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day! :) Make sure to check out the blogs above for more posts like this.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Just a little update / Blog ad swap

Hi everyone so just a little update i will be changing  my blog post schedule a little bit. Because i will be posting a post on a collab blog i am in and it is called Sparkle of Style and that post will be going up on Saturdays. And i will have  a post up on my blog every Tuesdays and randomly also. So i will still have two post's just one here and one on Sparkle of Style. And you need to be following my on Instagram and Twitter so you can make sure you don't miss a single thing that is going on. My name for both of them is just  livinprogess

Also If you have noticed my side bar lately i have a section for partners where i have some blog ads from bloggers i love. I feel like there aren't enough opportunities for teen bloggers to spared the word about there blogs so i think swapping blog ads is a perfect way to spared the word about your blog. So if you would like to swap ads go check out my contact page for more details. But my ad html is on my side bar right over here
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So thank you for reading this little side note and have a happy day! 

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

About Brittany: Collab with Brittany Fenton

I am so glad to finally work with this lovely girl! Brittany and i have had a few things in the works and i am so happy that they are finally falling into place. Since she is so wonderful I thought you guys should get to know her so we did a small interview with some fun questions. And i know you guys are going to love her so here is the link to her blog so you can check her blog out because it is so, so well put together. So let's hop right in to the interview shall we. :)

1. Name: Brittany

2. Blog Name: Brittany Fenton

3. Age: Sixteen

4. Favorite TV Show: I don’t really watch TV but if I do Teen Wolf is always what I go to!

5. Favorite Song: This changes quite often but it’s currently ‘Our Own House’ by Mister Wives

6. Favorite Book: Definitely Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell

7. Favorite thing to do when bored: Read/write blogs, watch/make youtube videos and read

8. Favorite type of blogpost to write: Hmmm tough one, I love OOTD’s as taking and editing the photo’s is so much fun!

9. Favorite thing to do: Blog/Youtube

10. Describe your Style in 3 words: Elegant, Bohemian and fun

11. Inspiration behind your blog name: Well I wanted something that reflected me, and well of course nothing reflects me better than my name

12. Flats, Sandals, boots or sneakers: In summer I’m all about sandals but in winter there’s nothing better than a good pair of boots!

13. Top two makeup products: Benefit POREfessional and the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation for sure, but that’s subject to change haha

14. If you had to pick between makeup or clothes: Clothes definitely! You can get away with no makeup but there’s nothing better than a good outfit

15. Inspiration behind starting a blog: I’ve always loved reading other people’s blog post, but I was never that into makeup or fashion. Then my mum brought me my first makeup - a BB Cream, Mascara and Eyeliner and I’ve never been the same since. I grew such a passion for makeup and fashion I eventually decided to start a blog :)

Thank you guys for checking out this interview and go check out Brittany's blog! :) Here is the link again