Room Tour

Hey, and welcome to my room. I'll show you around.

I share this room with my little sister, so of course their are two of a lot of things. We went for a Bohemian vibe in the room, which is probably my favorite style of decor.

This is the sitting area of our room. This is where we like to hang out and just listen to music. My favorite part in this room is my Record Player, I love it so much. Then their are all the pictures of our friends and places we have been, which i absolutely love. I wanted the room to make you feel good as soon as you walk in, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for hanging out with me in my room today. 


  1. This isn't Asher. It's his mom. I adore your disco ball. Recently my son Nathaniel did light and sound at a dance. He showed me a GLITTER BALL! It doesn't get much better than sparkle and glitter. Every girl should have some.

  2. Your room looks Beautiful Olivia!!!! Everything is so cute!
    -Lauryn :)

  3. I love your room! You did a fantastic job on the decorating.

  4. WOW, your room has changed a lot since this!