Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY lemon sugar scrub

I love making gifts for people especially around Christmas time. Here's a quick and simple gift you can make.

First here's the list of ingredients

  • 2 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 1/4  Cup of coconut oil
  • 1 Lemon
Melt your coconut oil and pour it over your sugar, then mix.

Zest 1 lemon and put aside.

Juice the lemon and then strain into a bowl to get ride of the pulp.

Add your lemon zest and lemon juice into the bowl of oil and sugar then mix.

If needed add more sugar until you are happy with the consistency. 

Then add your scrub into a cute jar and decorate as you please:)

See that wasn't so hard:) And it smells absolutely wonderful.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Q&A with Rebekah

This is Rebekah, she is a blogger, and a wonderful one at that. We did a collab and found some question for each other to answer. I have her answers here on my blog, and my answers are on her blog  You should really go check her blog out.

#1. How long does it take you to shower? Anywhere between twenty minutes to an hour. Showers are amazing.

#2. Favorite color? My favorite color is orange, after Madison Finn in the book series From The Files of Madison Finn. I copied her when I was little, and it stuck.

#3. Meaning behind your blog name? I have four blogs, though most of their names are self explanatory. The only one that was overly creative was Est Parfait!. "Est Parfait!" means "it's perfect!" in French, which is sarcasm because Est Parfait! is my blog on my failures in baking.

#4. The reason you started your blog? I started my first blog when I was around twelve. The best reason I can think of was because I loved to write, and I wanted my words to be read. Nothing much has changed since then.

#5. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Morning is the key word for me. If it's for 6am work, a good forty minutes. If it's for anything else, ten minutes and proud of it.

#6. Place you want to visit? There are so many. Paris, London, Prince Edward Island, Ireland.. 

#7. Favorite song? This is and will forever be an unfair question. I can narrow it down by music genres, worship songs, and Disney Movies, otherwise I wouldn't be able to say.

#8. Favorite thing about blogging. My absolute favorite thing is networking with people across the country, like Liv, and finding out the things we have in common. I love the community, reading about each other's lives, and encouraging each other with our own lives and stories. I've always wanted to write to move, encourage, inspire, or make people laugh. I feel like I'm almost there.

#9. If you were a superhero, what powers would you have? I would love to be invisible.

#10. Can you juggle? Nope, I can barely hold my phone and pick up the dog at the same time.

#11. Are you a good cook? I'm a decent cook. Sometimes I crash and burn, but then I just write a blog post about it.

#12. What's your favorite sport? My favorite sport would be figure skating or baseball. Figure skating because I love to watch it. Baseball because it's probably the only sport I understand.

#13. Coffee or tea?  I love taste testing tea. But I always find coffee delicious.

#14. What's your greatest fear? Spiders, heights, and the water.

#15. How many siblings do you have and where do you rank among them? I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I'm the only girl.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No one is perfect

No one's perfect even though we play ourselves out that way.
But why? Why do we act like we are perfect if we know we're not. We're not always happy, not always ready to get up and go. And not always put together with nails painted and hair curled. There may be some people who always look perfect, but really they may be ugly on the inside. If you have a ugly heart you will never be perfect on the outside. And that's what i call A girl with a mask.

 They may look perfect but behind there mask they are dark, cold and bitter. I would pick a beautiful inside over a beautiful outside any day. And i hope you would also. And i know we all make mistakes, we have all done something we regret. Maybe you were a girl with a mask on, i know i have been that girl for sometime now.

This past summer i have worked very hard to fix that. I have changed for the better i am starting to be who i really am. And i got to say i really like it. It feels good to be who i am, i feel so free. It's really fun.

I don't care any more about what people think. I'm sure there are lots of people who think I'm just crazy, or some people might just hate me for no reason. But i have learned to just let that go. They are who they are and i don't care if they hate me or think I'm crazy.

Let your freak flag fly!!!! Trust me, it's fun.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly favorites August

Hey, it's the end of the month and that means monthly favorites.

#1 These are some of my favorite nail polishes I've bought this month.

The pink nail polish was around eight dollars and  
the confetti nail polish is about three dollars
the teal was 1.98 And the violet one was like 2.00

#2 This is my all time favorite eyeliner and it's only like 8.00

It's a felt tip so it's really easy to use.

#3 This mascara is so awesome, It's even waterproof.

It makes your eyelashes look ten times bigger. I love it.

#4  This super cute swimsuit. It's so retro and very colorful.

and it was only like 20.00 

#5 Actually. my lap top. i just got it this month and i love love love it. It's very portable and it was only about 150.00 I have no bad reports on it, I love it.

#6 Is the laptop case i got it at Walmart and had it monogrammed with my initials The case was 15.98 and the monogramming was about 7.00

#7 and #8 Are these work out clothes. I take dance and these are absolutely perfect. There comfy and cool, and i can move around in them.

#9 is this really cute messenger bag. I got it on amazon for like 40.00 and i couldn't be happier. It's big and roomy.

#10 Last but not least are these beautiful sunglasses. I love me a good pair of white sunglasses. I got them at Walmart for only 5.00 you can't beat that.

Well thanks for stopping by and enjoy September!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

DIY Pig earrings

Today I'm gonna show you how to make these super cute pig earrings.

First we are gonna get the two largest balls and flatten them.

Like this.

Next we are going to get the oval shaped ones and put them on the big ones we just did.

And now it's time for the ears, here's how I did it.

Now just get the little black balls and stick them on.

Like this.

And then just stick a earring hook in.

We are almost done all we have to do is put some dents for the nose and some little indents
 on the ears.


And there you have it some super cute pinkie pig earrings. Bake accordingly to your package. 

If you make these super cute earrings hashtag it on instagram to livinprogress so i can see you cute creation's.



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Room tour

Hey! I'm gonna show you around my room........

i absolutely LOVE my room it's casual glam. As i like to call it.


 This is our sitting area, pretty cool right. My mom has a gift for decorating, and we have enjoyed redecorating our room. My mom sewed all of the pillows except for the black and white ones on the sofa there.

And this is our desk area, it's also where i do most of my blogging. I really needed a desk area being an artist and a writer my work space means a LOT to me it needs to be organized, decorated, and clean at 
ALL times my whole room could look like a tornado just ran through but that desk will stay clean.

And this is just a close up of the desk...............

and every girl needs a disco ball. it ads a touch of 80's glam.

I also painted our bedroom door, me and my sister decided on the number two because there are two sisters sharing the space. 

So, there you have it, my first blog post and a tour of my room. Thanks for popping over                     today!   -Liv