Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No one is perfect

No one's perfect even though we play ourselves out that way.
But why? Why do we act like we are perfect if we know we're not. We're not always happy, not always ready to get up and go. And not always put together with nails painted and hair curled. There may be some people who always look perfect, but really they may be ugly on the inside. If you have a ugly heart you will never be perfect on the outside. And that's what i call A girl with a mask.

 They may look perfect but behind there mask they are dark, cold and bitter. I would pick a beautiful inside over a beautiful outside any day. And i hope you would also. And i know we all make mistakes, we have all done something we regret. Maybe you were a girl with a mask on, i know i have been that girl for sometime now.

This past summer i have worked very hard to fix that. I have changed for the better i am starting to be who i really am. And i got to say i really like it. It feels good to be who i am, i feel so free. It's really fun.

I don't care any more about what people think. I'm sure there are lots of people who think I'm just crazy, or some people might just hate me for no reason. But i have learned to just let that go. They are who they are and i don't care if they hate me or think I'm crazy.

Let your freak flag fly!!!! Trust me, it's fun.


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