Monday, March 30, 2015

My house tour

Hey everybody. :) Today's post has a LOT of pictures, so bare with me. :) But i am going to be showing you around my house. :) So let's get started.

Okay so first we have the outside of our house.

This is the front of our house, the porch and the little chicken house.

Since our yard is pretty big mom likes to ring this to get us to come inside lol. :)

Now we will head in the house. :)

Here is the living room.

We're in here a lot, this is where we do some of our reading for school, bible study and we like to gather here with friends.

And the school desk.
This is also where i do most of my blogging.

Okay now let's move on to the dining room.

Okay so here is where we eat, play bored games and do some of our school.

And here is our craft/laundry room. We do all of our sewing and most of our crafting projects in here.

And here is the laundry side of it. :)

Next is our kitchen Which is a pretty cool room because it has food in it.

Now if we head down the hall the first door is my parents room.

The next door is my little brothers room.

And the room at the end of the hallway is me and my sisters bedroom. I already have a room tour i will link it below just to save space.

And that is most of the rooms in our house other than the down stairs and the two bathrooms. :) 
I hope you enjoyed coming around my house and seeing where i live. Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. I enjoyed the tour of your home. It is so beautiful.. Love all the colors.. I have your blog, from your moms.
    My blogs are:

  2. super cuteness!! The style of your house is totally like my Aunt Betsy's.... I think she has the same chairs as you in the dining room. :)