Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bohemian Room Redo

Hey looks like my room got a makeover! I am so happy about our new room. I love the entire vibe it has, and i am so excited  to finally show you guys. "P.S. I will try to list items and links below at the end of the post." 

Okay well this is an overview of the bedroom, i am so happy with how it turned out. We went for the bohemian vibe in this room, and i couldn't love it more. It's very laid back and just the whole feeling it has is wonderful. I feel like it just has an artistic vibe about it, and i love it.

The Duvet covers i got on sale from Urban Outfitters, so sadly they no longer have them for sale. I diffently wanted a lot of plants and green in this room so that's something you will see a lot of. I just love all the warm colors. I wanted to make this room just have a laid back, mixed matched feeling to it. I'm so happy with how it all turned out.

This is the sitting area i guess you can say. I tried to make it very comfy and just a friendly vibe to it. Where you would want to just chill with your friends and listen to music. My favorite part of this corner is of course the Record Player. I am so, so happy about this piece. I knew I wanted to have lots of pictures in the room so i decided to do a collage. I wanted it in this corner to go with the whole cozy, friendly vibe. I just loved the thought of me and my friends chilling and listening to music. I'm so happy with this corner.

I am so happy that i finally got to show you guys my new room. I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please share with your friends on social-media. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
Have a blessed day -Liv

Product List

#6 This is not the same rug I got at Urban Outfitters but it is similar. They no longer have it for sale on their.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Year

Hey I know it's a little late because we are already a few weeks into the new year. But even so I thought I would put out some goals and tips to help this year go a little smother. Cause let's face it every time New Years rolls around we get all excited to have a fresh start, but do we ever really stick to those "resolutions"? I had a great start off to the New Year with some really great people. I am excited for this New Year, because I decided to leave the past in 2015. I left all of my baggage behind where it needs to be. I feel like a "fresh start" was exactly what I needed to get my life going again. I am enjoying finding myself (even though it's extremely hard, and stressful) and figuring out what I want to do. Finding yourself can be a very hard thing to do i am slowly figuring out. It's hard to start over, but I feel like a New Year is the perfect time to do that. Okay well let's get into a few of my "New Years resolutions" 

  1. Leave the past in the past.
  2. Pray more.
  3. Live healthier.
  4. Read more.
  5. Meet new people, and make new friends.
  6. Figure out who I am. 
  7. Go out and enjoy this beautiful earth the lord has given us.
Okay well those are some of my New Years resolutions, let's talk about them. Number 1: I feel like it's something that is hard for a lot of us, hopefully not just me. So I decided to make that something I am going to work on.  Number 2: praying is extremely important and I feel like I don't just sit down and talk to God enough. Number 3: pretty much everyone puts this in their resolutions somewhere. I truly do want to eat, and live healthier. Number 4: I want to read more and just grow my mind. Number 5: I am a very outgoing person and I absolutely love meeting new people, but I also want to make new friends. Okay Number 6: is a really big one, but I feel like i am ready to figure myself out. I want to learn who I am, and well, find myself. Number 7: I want to go out and live more. Put down all the gadgets and go live life in this beautiful world.

Now for a few "tips". Okay if something goes wrong Don't Stress! Just leave the past in the past. Because if we dwell on something for too long it could end up destroying us. Basically do a frozen and •Let It Go•  sorry that song will probably be stuck in your head the rest of the day.  Something I am going to do, and I encourage you to do the same, is write a letter to yourself. You can't open it till New Year's Eve though. Write a letter about yourself now, so you can see how far you've come in a year. My last little tip is don't think about everything so much. Just go out and live your life and if something goes wrong just remember, that it will one day be a lesson and a story. Super cheesy I know, but it's true. But hey we are going to get through this year together! Until next time my lovelies


Monday, December 28, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hey Guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday season. I thought i would do a what i got for Christmas post because those are my favorite posts of the year i would have to say. Let me just put it out there that i am in no way bragging at all. These are just some of my favorite posts to read and i would love to do one. So with that out of the way lets get started.

Me and my family always open 1 gift on Christmas Eve and this was mine and i was overjoyed because i have been wanting this book for soooooo long! I absolutely love New York and this book is so amazing. 

From my brother and my sister in law i got these absolutely amazing slipper boots and i love them so so much!

My parents got me and my siblings the new just dance game and i am loving it so much. My favorite dance has to be CHIWAWA. 

Here are just some of the things i got in my stocking.

My grandparents got me some clothes and some cash so i could just go buy whatever i needed.

Okay this last gift is from my mom and dad and it has got to be my favorite. My parents are absolutely amazing and did not have to get me such a big gift, and i am so grateful for this. By the picture I'm sure you can tell lol, that it's an iPhone 6s Plus. Oh my gosh this thing is bigger than a pop tart, It's in gold which is so pretty, and i am so grateful!

Okay well that is my What I Got For Christmas 2015! I hope you guys enjoyed that post and i hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I love you all so much, until my next post -Liv

Monday, December 21, 2015

Tis The Season

 Happy Holidays Everyone! It's almost Christmas so here's a little day in my life Christmas edition :)

We made some Christmas cookies with the family, and boy did they taste good.

And it's not Christmas at our house without the red velvet cupcakes.

Just a few of the absolutely beautiful ornaments on our tree. 

That was just a little peek into our Holiday. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season! 

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Happy Holidays -Liv